venerdì 28 gennaio 2011

SS Sergio Rossi new collection

One of my favorite brand for shoes is of course italian shoes: SERGIO ROSSI
I think it's the best one for colors, style and most of all shape of shoes (shape is everything for shoes) and I love them all
Her is a sample of the new SS 2011 Collection, from which I love more than the half of it!

You can find all the collection on the webSite


mercoledì 26 gennaio 2011

The perfect style

Jeans+t.shirt+leather touch+sexy heels and ......... A KISS OF CHANEL !

fashion tips #5: SHOES

And now ladies:


I'm definitely completely into men today!

[From The sartorialist and Swagger 360°]

My biggest inspiration: Gloria* With all my love!

I dedicate this post to my lovely friend - the best ever- which is my biggest inspiration
With love to Gloria
Do u know anybody more lovely or fashion or stylish than her? Not me!

Rose, pink, lilac and ... Lapis (like & love)

Pink inspiration- from light rose to violet -everything between

the light and soft touch of style

FoR mEn and WomEn

Who has fashion and style never lose it and never dies!

No more words to say!

Ralph Lauren "The Big Pony Collection" 4 (by

Talkin' about men fashion and style and .... art!
The stylish fragrance by Rlph Lauren and Big pony collection
I definitely love this video- one of the most amazing and well-structured video ever seen!
Don't miss it!


One of the most amazing game: men-dressing!!!!!!

I'm always been intrested into fashion, but til now fashion means to me women-fashion!
But from some reason, I'm becomin' more and more interested into men-fashion!
What I like the most? the dandy style! The mix-&-match of almost everything mixed with style and balance (the so-called effortless style! see the video below!)
Talkin' about this my suggestions are:
1) The Blog: SWAGGER 360°
2)The event: Gentlemen of Nonchalant Elegance & Effortless Style - Event at W Hotels Times Square
3)The Star: André 3000
4) The Place: Jon Ashe (from Swagger 360°)

Take a look . . . men and women STAY TUNED!

Gentlemen of Nonchalant Elegance & Effortless Style - Event at W Hotels ...

So unbelieveable amazing!
It would been great to be there!
so lovely fashion men!!!!!!!