mercoledì 26 gennaio 2011

One of the most amazing game: men-dressing!!!!!!

I'm always been intrested into fashion, but til now fashion means to me women-fashion!
But from some reason, I'm becomin' more and more interested into men-fashion!
What I like the most? the dandy style! The mix-&-match of almost everything mixed with style and balance (the so-called effortless style! see the video below!)
Talkin' about this my suggestions are:
1) The Blog: SWAGGER 360°
2)The event: Gentlemen of Nonchalant Elegance & Effortless Style - Event at W Hotels Times Square
3)The Star: André 3000
4) The Place: Jon Ashe (from Swagger 360°)

Take a look . . . men and women STAY TUNED!

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