martedì 14 settembre 2010

les puces, flea market and the Happiness!

What is more fashion of a flea market, where the creativity is completely free of being!
I find them very interesting, for the wonderful colored and very creative people you can find there, and for the big amount of ideas that I have step by step in this magic wonderland: I totally love these markets!
And what is important is that in every country has different types of markets and flea markets and it's interesting to discover them all!!!

Let's talk a lil' bit:

Paris- Saint Ouen :
Les puces des Saint Ouen

Take a look at this very amazing video, by Inés de la Fressage, who tell us all the preciuos secrets about "les puces de Saint Ouen" , on Roger Vivier website!

Every infoz on this trés jolie website

I've never been there, but I definitely wanna go there as soon as possible!!!* j'adore Paris, je pense que c'est une maladie, peut-etre, mais sans solution !!!!!!

Portobello Road: the Road of London

How much magic could be in the air of this road! So great !!!

These amazing pictures are taken from my definitely favorite blog ever Park&Cube
And I suggest you to read and take a look at the post concerning Portobello on this amazing blog

You can find all the infoz on the dedicated website (thousands of sites!!!)

So here we are two of the most famous and fashion flea market all over the world, these are two of the places that I miss the most and that I wanna visit as soon as possible!

Because markets are Happiness to me!!!!! The HAPPINESS OF FASHION!!!!!!

[As you can easily guess I "forget" to talk about our flea market in Milan, but this is because I wanna talk about it in another specific post!]

Of course I definitely wanna know what do you think about markets and flea market, all you suggestions of places to visit and more-so tell me!!!!!



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