venerdì 17 settembre 2010

Sept>back to school>sttationery>paper papER PAPERRR AND MORE!

Who doesn't think about school when september comes? I guess anybody!
But there is a second passage of thoughts: school means stationery!
And even now that I'm graduated I 'm still in love with paper and all that lovely stuff dealin' gouped under the name of "stationery".
I used to say that I love paper, and everything else wich is paper concerned!!!!!!!!! SOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!(I think it's also because I totally love writing! but anyway, that doesn't matter too much!!!!!!)
So I suggest you to read the lovely post from Kris Atomic
and here we are some of great ideas and stuff -.-*


Present & Correct

Have fun and shopping with everything that inspires you the most!!!!!!!

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